Moving assistance robotics – Smart wheelchair

Nino uses the Ninebot® based gyro-system as a propulsion system, modified to be used by people with disabilities who have a good trunk mobility. The two parallel wheels and the sensors enable to move forward by swinging the upper body forward and backward for braking or move backward. The handlebar, removable for transfers, allows to turn with one hand (the electric motors make the wheels turn independently). The turning radius is zero degrees.

The onboard electronics allows to manage the stability, the field and slope variations as well as the body position. While stationary, the self-balancing is disabled when the user deploys the stands (the power button on the side of the seat) to stabilize the gyropod. A wireless coded key controls the machine start up ; Nino is a connected vehicle : the battery charge speed and mileage indications are available on any smartphone or tablet via a dedicated application (and also on the handle bar for the battery so far).