The made in France design


Nino, voluntarily minimalist design, is a complete break from what is available on the market. Compact, light, colorful and comfortable, Nino highlights its user. Nino, the star is you!

Innovation & Vision


Design is an essential branch in Nino-robotics.

We focus all our efforts on the customer and pay attention to every detail. We try to understand its behavior and how to move to continually improve our products. We take care to select the best French manufacturers and work with them collaboratively.

Exclusive collaboration

Today, 20 French suppliers manufacture the parts required to assemblage our products. Nino has an exclusive collaboration with Ninebot Inc. for our engines. Everything else is designed, manufactured and assembled in France in Clermont l’Hérault (34) on our production lines.



  • Lightweight aluminum chassis, adjustable saddle and breathable,
  • slip and tilt handles (option),
  • removable handlebar for easy transfer and instrument board make the Nino unique.

Black or white, it will adapt to your desires with its colorful interplay of transparency Red, Green or Blue.
Our challenge: give you the envy to try it!


59x74x59 with folding armrests (without cushion)
59x74x72 with standard armrests (without cushion)
Seat width
420 mm
Seat depth
420 mm and adjustment in 15 mm increments
Seat height
Height from floor is 53cm. Height from walking foot is between 38cm and 42cm
Backrest height
230 mm
350 mm
Backrest height adjustment
140 – 200 mm in 15 mm increments
360° on the spot
5 Volt USB charge
2750 W
Battery life
20/38 km (depending on battery)
6/9 km / h (depending on current regulations)
Nino without battery : 44,35 kg
Nino with battery : 48,05 kg
Max. user weight
90 kg
Max climbing angle
Obstacle clearance
4 cm
Step clearance
15 cm
High capacity battery
25 / 35 km (depending altitude and speed)
Charge time : 3h
2 years


Nino uses the auto-stabilized technique from Ninebot® technology as propulsion system, modified for use by people with disabilities, with good trunk mobility. The two parallel wheels and sensors allow to go forward when you move your bust forward and backward to brake or reverse. The removable handle allows for the transfer to turn with one hand (the electric motors turn the wheels independently). The turning radius is zero degrees.

The car’s electronic stability allows managing and field changes, slope and position of the body.

At the stop, self balancing is disabled when the user deploys the crutches (by Power button on the side of the seat) to stabilize the Nino. A wireless coded key command the machine to start up; Nino is a connected vehicle : The battery indication, the speed and the mileage are available on any smartphone or tablet via a dedicated application.

Ultra-lightweight (39kg), Nino take you anywhere: in your car, train and even by plane, thanks to its dedicated Fly Case (option). Seat folded down, its size is minimal.

Mobile App

Nino is a connected machine !

If the Nino has an integrated LED display that allows you to follow the essential information, you only need to have a smartphone to go even further and display a real dashboard to control from A to Z your gyropod with the Ninedroid app !

  • Dashboard : Genuine control tower of your Nino gyropode, the dashboard displays all the useful information in one screen, and gives you access in one click to all the functionalities of the mobile app.
  • Sharing / social networks : Want to share your ride with your friends? Use the built-in social sharing feature to let your friends and contacts enjoy your photos and videos taken from your Nino.
  • Settings : fully configure your gyropod, its sensitivity or maximum speed, in order to best meet your needs.
  • Diagnostics : check in real time the status of your battery and the correct functioning of the components and accessories, or display statistics of speed or distance traveled.​

Since the continents are see-thorugh, the particular darker orange from the lower hard drive is visible along with fake watches shows the part of the Earth in which it really is night, and where it can be morning.