Nino’s story

The Nino’s history is linked to the personal journey of the founder of Nino Robotics. Paraplegic since 1996 because of a serious diving accident, Pierre Bardina is very interested in the technology of the Segway since 2011.

How did the adventure begin?

End of 2013, he discovered the Ninebot and met Francois, Thomas and Louis Ducrot, creators of Big Robot and exclusive importer of Ninebot in France.

The three brothers are enthusiastic about the project of Pierre, which is to create, based on the Ninebot Elite, a sitting self-balanced product for all: it’s the birth of Nino-Robotics.

Almost simultaneously, Pierre Bardina met Mathieu Verbeke, a talented designer from Lille, also passionated about the self-balanced technique.

Together, they define the specifications of the concept of Nino which is to break the rules: breaking with the existing design, breaking with the manual pushing, breaking with the word “wheelchair” and propose a new way of moving, light, connected, intuitive and fun for everybody.

The observation Nino Robotics

For the young Nino-Robotics team, the World is divided into two categories: those who walk and those who cannot – or walk with difficulty.

Nino is primarily focused on this population group. Among the latter, we have of course the people who use wheelchairs, but also the elderly, people suffering from debilitating diseases, infirm and finally to all those who wish to discover a new way to move seated.


Nino Robotics is distributed in France, Europe, Asia and in America

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