One is a motorized wheel that fits on most wheelchairs thanks to its universal anchor bar. Its clean and colourful design highlights the user. One can be very easily placed in your car, a train or plane thanks to its low weight and small size.
We have a 2 year warranty (exception: wear-and-tear parts).

Technical specifications :

– 250 watt Brushless engine
– Standard 24V 7,4 AH lithium battery (option for 14,8 AH)
– Standard 15 to 20 km battery life (30 km with HC battery)
– 8 inch inflatable front wheel (200 mm)
– 6 to 10 km/h speed in line with existing legislation
– Hydraulic brakes
– Parking stand
– Available in: green / blue / red
– Weight: 9,8 kg including battery
– Optional folding handlebar
– Compatible with air transport
– Designed, manufactured and assembled in France

Since the continents are see-thorugh, the particular darker orange from the lower hard drive is visible along with fake watches shows the part of the Earth in which it really is night, and where it can be morning.